Saturday, May 23, 2015

Remaining Undergrad Schedule

Summer (2015)

  • BCMB 401: Biochemistry-Molecular Biology I

Fall (2015)

  • PHYS 222: Elements of Physics 2
  • BIO 220: General Microbiology
  • BIO 229: General Microbiology Lab
  • ANSC 495: Ethics in Animal Agriculture


Oddly, I'm ready for this coming semester(s). 
They'll be harder than I'm expecting them to be, I'm almost certain. They'll have their tough times, their exhausting times, and frustrating moments.
But it'll be okay.

One way or another.

Progress: #2

May 3, 2015 (Sunday)

May 20, 2015 (Wednesday)

In my opinion, you can see some change. I haven't really lost any "weight", but maybe it's all just shifting around to places that aren't my stomach or arms. Or at least that's what I tell myself. :p I've been taking Norcodrene and recently added Shift to make a PEScience stack. There are tons of people who swear by it, so we'll see how it does. Especially once I get back to school and can more easily control what I'm eating and how much activity I get--I realize that sounds really contradictory to reality. But trust me. I've got this.  

This Monday will be 7 days until I take the GRE, and 8 days until my biochem class starts. Annoyingly, although the class is a T-W-R class, the university's classes start on Monday. And my professor has scheduled an introduction day--from 9:30am to 1:30pm (divided in half, to fit both sections)...which is the same exact time frame I'm going to take the GRE.

I've never taken a summer class before; I was hoping to spend my entire academic career (for undergrad, at least--vet school requires the summer after 3rd year to be spent working in rotations) avoiding them. But if it means having a much, much easier load in the be it.
Anyway, I have no idea how they're supposed to work--is it normal for them to hold class time during an unscheduled time? Probably not.
I chose the best day for me to take the GRE. And since I'm a good reader of Blackboard and PDFs that are posted, I think I can manage to figure out what's what with this class before it actually starts the next day. Besides, I have a friend that's in the 2nd section (I'm in the 1st), so hopefully she can tell me if there's anything I need to do beforehand.

I'm planning on going back this coming Tuesday. My sister is supposed to be induced on Monday to have her baby, provided my nephew doesn't decide to get a jump start on life. But if she's induced on Monday and has him late that night/early Tuesday, I might end up going back on Wednesday.
Who knows?

At this point, I'm just going to make a rough outline and play it by ear.
Because that's basically all I can do.

This Semester:

Spring, 2014
EEB 420--Animal Behavior----------------------------------------> A
ANSC 320--Reproductive Anatomy & Physiology-------------> B+
ANSC 340--Animal Genetics & Breeding-----------------------> A-
CHEM 350--Organic Chemistry 1---------------------------------> A-

Fall, 2014
ANSC 330--Animal Nutrition--------------------------------------> A
ANSC 380--Animal Disease & Health Management------------> B+
ANSC 489--Dairy Cattle Health & Production Management---->B-
CHEM 360--Organic Chemistry 2----------------------------------->B+

Spring, 2015
PHYS 221--Elements of Physics------------------------------------------> A
AREC 212--Agriculture Business Management-------------------------> A-
ANSC 489--Companion/Exotic/Laboratory Animal Management---->A-
CHEM 369--Organic Chemistry Lab-------------------------------------->A
The past few days have been a weak point, a stretch of struggles like I stretch for a glass on the topmost shelf. Very much present, but just barely out of reach.

I've been taking longer (~45 minutes) walks almost every day, just because I can't bear to sit still. I've said it many times before, but I'll say it again: I was not built to remain immobile. And walking feels so much better than not walking, even if it doesn't feel as magical as running does.

Lately I've been continuing to focus on getting some strength back, so by the time I'm ready to run in a week or so, I'll hopefully already gotten a jump-start on the strength aspect of "getting back into shape".

The past few days have been a weak point, a soft spot, an obstacle.

But for some reason, I still look forward to the future.

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

I worry too much about things that don't matter, things that others don't even notice, things that are a long way off, and things that are swallowed by the past. I worry about the present, what will happen within the next minute. I worry about the good, the bad, and the in-between.

I worry about other people's problems, successes, and failures. I worry about being right, about being wrong, about those hits-and-misses. I worry about letting others down, and about the possibility of not worrying enough because it's better to be safe than sorry.

I worry about things that don't matter.

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

I've been looking at Australian Shepherd puppies; I figure they're small enough for "easy storage" should I have to move OS for school (if/when I get in and do eventually move). But they're also not "small", and they're great dogs. I've been around several and fell in love with all of them; they're smart, athletic, loyal, loving, and good guard dogs.

 There are some local breeders, too. That's why I stopped pursuing the dalmatians; all of the breeders were quite a distance away, and I didn't find it worth it to spend all the time and money on a dog that costs a significant amount of money and has a long enough list of health/disease-prone problems to make me uneasy.

 I don't want a brindle hound dog, or a fawn pug. I feel like I would be betraying and trying to erase over my past dogs. 

I doubt I'll ever become one of "those" types of people who always buy the same type of dog, like Adaline:

My conscience can't handle it, and my natural curiosity and wonder can't be tamed. There are so many different breeds and different things to explore; why settle with just one? Why not get some first-hand experience with as many as possible? Clearly, that's not license to just go out and buy any old dog--you need to research it and choose the one that best fits certain aspects about your life. Do you have kids? Do you work all day? Are you really active or really lazy? Do you live in a teeny-tiny apartment, or in the middle of the woods in a huge house with acres and acres of fenced in land? Do you live in a cold climate, in a hot area, by the ocean or the desert? Are insects or parasites an issue?

Pick the ones that will be happiest, healthiest, and most fulfilled for your lifestyle and location.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Earlier today I ran across some old photos from last fall I had saved on my computer; it still shocks me to see how much things have changed. Myself, my life, the people and world around me.

I'm not entirely sure if I would recognize anything about my world had I been given evidence about it back then. I wouldn't've believed any of it was possible, or likely to drag me under the current, a rip tide out to get me.

Some times, I feel as though I've sunk further than I should've, that I've hit some sort of rock bottom that I have yet to realize.

But other times, I'm open and optimistic toward the changes--even the ones that others might see as odd or a step down. I'm still growing and learning as a person, as an individual, an "adult" 

But as my foot heals, as I regain my strength, things will once again settle back into a new normal; a new era of strength and determination and will. Of success, pitfalls, challenges, and new beginnings.